On the mandible, which process is the coronoid and which is the condylar?

The coronoid process is the most anterior process.


If the muscles of mastication elevate the mandible, what depresses the mandible?

The suprahyoids in combination with the infrahyoids depress the mandible.

What order lever is the mandible?

It is a third order lever, as the fulcrum and load are applied at either end of the mandible and the force is applied in the middle.

Why is the styloglossus muscle difficult to see in a cadaver?

The styloglossus is the smallest of the three styloid muscles and is also embedded in tissue.

Where does the trigeminal nerve originate from?

The trigeminal nerve orignally emerges from the pons and then splits into three divisions, V1 (the ophthalmic division), V2 (the maxillary division) and V3 (the mandibular division).